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Friday, 22 August 2014

Turkey, Part 1

So... While freezing having a break from the heat wave with the 18 degrees A/C, sipping some cherry juice and listening to Angus & Julia Stone, I should start this little leisure/random/throw-in-your-thoughts blog by saying how thrilled I am to be here.

Because I am. It's been a week since I stepped foot in the Kebap, Bulgur, Köfte land and way more.

And I am working here.

It could be worse, right?

Anyway, I am thrilled to be here. And the decision wasn't obvious to take. I had been living in Lyon, France *tear, tear* for five years, and my life didn't seem to be following its right pace there. When I finally figured out I was having one of those so known love-hate relationships with my city, I stepped in for a change. I first asked myself about the lead to follow next. Move out, get a job, stay under the blankets and cry?

And then I thought, what could be more appropriate than changing house, neighbourhood,town, country, continent, language, culture, food habits lifes?



So even when I don't get a thing of what people are telling me (apart from a few words my best friend has already taught me, hooray!!!) I feel so much more at home. I love its beautiful chaos. Its fresh bakeries that take me back home, when my dad used to take us at 6 am to buy bread. Its simple yet warmful welcoming.

I still haven't seen anything from here. This place has so much to offer, I get even scared of not seeing all of it.

PS. Pictures coming soon. I still have to get over the fact of being 30 degrees at 9 in the evening. Every-d-a-y.


  1. Maria I want your life!

    This is Arlie btw, on my friends account apparently.

  2. Great blog Maria, I liked reading your diary, you write very sincerely :)
    I am happy that you have liked Turkey so far, I agree kahvaltı is great here (cucumbers in the morning, though! :) I am looking forward to reading more diaries of you