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Monday, 25 August 2014


A few days before coming to Antalya, besides from tearing my hair off and biting my nails out of nervousness (and anxiety, and happiness, and sadness, and melancholy… Let’s just not talk about it), I was seriously wondering whether it was going to be worth it. To be completely honest, the thought of going to a country whose language was a complete mystery to me, and where I would not even know how to order a burger at the local restaurant or buy some yoghurt for breakfast, truly scared me. Because, of all places I considered moving into when making the huge step of entering the professional world, Turkey was the last country I would have thought of.

Ok, I didn’t even think about it.
So, when I got off the plane, facing the oh-so-feared 30 degrees at eight o’clock in the evening, carrying my whole life in 5 heavy bags, I didn’t know what to think, what to do or what to say (most of all, what to say apart from “hello, how are you?”). Luckily, my BFF and her husband, the best people ever, were here to help me, and I could not thank them enough for what they did for me. Seeeriiiously.

(But I don’t want to get into details of how I got here, with my 756 kilos, my stuffed sheep and my Moulin Rouge poster).

Ten days have passed now, and I can say this city inspires me. I can’t exactly explain the feeling. I found my way into writing again. I’m always willing to discover more. I try to learn a new word every day by reading out loud whatever I see on the streets. And right now, sitting on my balcony, I poorly attempt to perpetuate my thoughts, mesmerized by the abrupt cultural difference, but I can only think of that moment when I’ll make my way through the uncountable landscapes, little towns, beaches, mountain trips and anything Turkey-related. I want to express how delighted I am to be here, I want to use gigantic words to show off my emotion, but I can only say I’m happy.

And I don’t usually show off my feelings…     

Because sleeping with your window wide open and being waken up at 5 am by azan, to then watch the sunrise with a five-coloured sky, having chips for breakfast, greeting someone by telling them "may work come easy to you", or going to the local shop and having the fruit seller pick you the best and bigger melon, has no price. This is the place where traffic can be as chaotic as back in Colombia, where there’s a Camii in every single corner, each one prettier than the other, where it feels like holiday every day, and where you can have both beach and mountains, all in one. Snow and sea. 22 degrees in November?

So, in the meantime, I’ll just stay with this:

Kaşar peyrini with some kavun and vişne suyu.


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